The First Colony on The Moon

Become the first Colonizer of the Moon with Strategy Blockchain NFT game, and together with us harvest helium3 and other minerals….

How does it work?

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What is AtomicHub? AtomicHub is an interface for the NFT standard Atomic Assets that we developed. … AtomicHub is split into an Explorer that lets you browse through all the AtomicAssets NFTs, a Marketplace where you can buy and sell your NFTs, a Trading section, and perhaps most excitingly an NFT Creator.


The MMHe3 collection in the First Phase of the game includes 32 different unique NFT Buildings, Machines, and Lands with 5 different rarities, each of them having its own unique attributes.

Pegasus Corporation

Buildings NFT

Machines NFT

Aquarius Corporation

Buildings NFT

Machines NFT

Terra Corporation

Buildings NFT

Machines NFT

Phoenix Corporation

Buildings NFT

Machines NFT

Minerals NFT

Mare Imbrium Lands NFT

Max of supply all 100 Lands NFT


The first Colony on the Moon

The Moon is a sandbox to develop new technologies, exploit new and old resources and face new challenges in this frontier.

The moon day lasts 29 Earth days.

Together with Blockchain Technology, we have developed a platform that will allow you to build the first Moonbase.

Will you be one of the first colonizers that shall establish your future on the Moon?

Creating a Base on the moon will give you the possibility to mine the most precious resource which is Helium3.

Providing your colony with cheap and clean Fusion energy.

Now we are ready for the next great challenge of space exploration which will allow the development of a sustainable presence on the Moon and give an opportunity to go further.

Promising possibility

Helium3 is the type of resource that has one neutron less than a typical helium4 which is used to blow balloons on earth. So whats is the deal about Helium3?

Imagine a powerful form of energy that doesn’t produce any greenhouse gasses or any radioactive waste. That is Helium3. Clean, Pure, Powerful – Fusion Power!

Will you be the savior of humankind and show the way to interplanetary civilization?

Aquarius Corp Luna Tech Packs December 22nd and 23rd December The Bar Crime Syndicate NFTs

Card Containers are available for purchase on Atomichub and NeftyBlock, in limited quantities

Phase 2

Silver NFT 200 Packs Supply

Moon game silver pack Aquarius Luna tech

Aquarius 2 NFTs Luna Tech Cards

Metal - 51%

Jadeite - 25%

Silver - 15%

Gold - 7.5%

Helium - 1.5%

Price 100 WAX

Phase 2

Gold NFT 100 Packs Supply

moon game gold pack

Aquarius 4 NFTs Luna Tech Cards

Metal - 49%

Jadeite - 25%

Silver - 15%

Gold - 7.5%

Helium - 3.5%

Price 200 WAX

Phase 2

Helium NFT 50 Packs Supply

Moon game helium pack mmhe3

Aquarius 8 NFTs Luna Tech Cards

Metal - 48%

Jadeite - 24%

Silver - 15%

Gold - 8%

Helium - 5%

Price 400 WAX

Phase 1

Silver NFT 400 Packs Supply

Crime Syndicate 2 NFTs Machines Cards

Metal - 51%

Jadeite - 25%

Silver - 15%

Gold - 7.5%

Helium - 1.5%

Price 50 WAX

Phase 1

Gold NFT 200 Packs Supply

Game Moon The Bar Gold Pack MMHe3

Crime Syndicate 4 NFTs Machines Cards

Metal - 49%

Jadeite - 25%

Silver - 15%

Gold - 7.5%

Helium - 3.5%

Price 100 WAX

Phase 1

Helium NFT 100 Packs Supply

Game Moon The Bar Helium Pack MMHe3

Crime Syndicate 8 NFTs Machines Cards

Metal - 48%

Jadeite - 24%

Silver - 15%

Gold - 8%

Helium - 5%

Price 200 WAX

Phase 1 - F2E/PAE

December 24
Moon game Free to Play NFT cards

Phase 1

Free Drop introducing Play and Earn

Add 3 new Free PAE NFTs Crime Syndicate – 2 new Buildings and 1 new Machine Crime Syndicate – Not affiliated with the Corporation groupings

Road Map

Phase 1 - Q4 2021

November 19 – Aquarius Corporation Buildings

December 4 – Aquarius Corporation Machinery

December 19 – Phoenix Corporation Buildings

December 23 – Moon Lands NFT

Phase 1 - Q1 2022

January 11 – Phoenix Corporation Community Pack, Free Drop

January 18 – Phoenix Corporation Machinery

February 16 – Terra Corporation Buildings

March 16 – Terra Corporation Machinery

Phase 1 - Q2 2022

May – Test Net and Main Net Alpha Testing 

June 26 – Listing Hel Token (He3) to WAX Block-chain, Alcor Exchange

Phase 1 - Q2/Q3 2022
June 26 - Lunch 1 Phase Game MMHe3

It’s time to start Building a Base on The Moon.

Build buildings for production, and thanks to the machine extracts the most valuable minerals that nature has given us for a better tomorrow.

Phase 1 - Q3 2022

7 July – Upgrade Cards / Blending, Blending Token

7 July Mobile friendly MMHe3 version launches - @Marconi TY 

8 July - Shop Opens - :mooncoinpurple: Hel blend token available for purchase using HEL+ NeftyBlock Blend system goes live

July 09 - @Moon Land Owners first HEL Token payment for 'Land Lord on The Moon' + HEL Token Giveaway's begin

:mooncoinpurple: 5000 HEL to @Astro Pilot & @Astro Engineer split to 10 winners in-server 🎁┇giveaways

July 10 - Shop Stocks up!! 1 x Mare Embrium Land Pack Sale using HEL Token + Terra Community Pack in-server Giveaway

July 11 :terra_emoji:Terra Corporation Community Pack, Drop(whitelisted) + Liquidity pool will be added

July 12 - Shop Stocks up 1 x Mare Embrium Land Pack added to stocks + Social Media Comp - WIN MMHe3 T-Shirts

July 13 - Shop Stocks up 1 x Mare Embrium Land Pack added to stocks + :mooncoinpurple: 5000 HEL split to 10 winners, must be @Early Explorer@Astronaut@Astro Pilot & @Astro Engineer to enter in-server 🎁┇giveaways

:1_: July 14 :pegasus_emoji:

Pegasus Corporation Buildings Pack Sale

:1_: September 10th Harvest Moon :pegasus_emoji:

Pegasus Corporation Machinery

:1_: September 11th :pegasus_emoji: 

Pegasus Corporation Community Pack, Free Drop

:1_: September 11th

A new mechanic has been added to the Day and Night Cycle game

Phase 1 - Q4 2022


October 09

Full Moon - Hunters Moon Event


October 31

:Pumpkin_400_400: :sad:The new mobile friendly version of MMHe3  Halloween Pumpkins event, 5 collectible NFTs


November 05

Update App.MMHe3, add the shop, and He3 withdraw and deposit mechanic


:WombatLogo: :mmhe3_moon_logo_gold: December 07 (Full Moon)

moonminingh3 Collection added to Wombat Dungeon Master


:orange_siren: December 08 Roadmap update December 09

December 22

New NFT - Aquarius -'Luna Tech' Pack Sale These Limited NFTs are machines from the :aquarius_emoji: Aquarius Corporation used to build and maintain the Moon Spaceport for the 2nd Phase in the MMHe3 Metaverse


December 23

New NFT - Crime Syndicate - 'Luna Bar' Pack Sale New currency added to the game - Corporation Credits (CC) New Bar Machine with a new mechanic, First Helium :token_hel_64x64: use case introduced with this machine, also used to earn Corporation Credits (CC) Introduce minting and burning mechanic of the new CC NFT's :NFT:


December 24

 Free Drop introducing Play And Earn Add 3 new Free PAE NFTs Crime Syndicate - 2 new Buildings and 1 new Machine Crime Syndicate - Not affiliated to the Corporation groupings

Phase 1 - Q1 2023
Upgrade Game Phase 1


💪 Upgrade and polishing Phase 1 MMHe3 Metaverse

Phase 2 - Q3/Q4 2023
Space Port


🌘 🛰️ Space Port Launch, 2nd Phase of the MMHe3 Metaverse begins

Space Port Construction, Build Space Port, Earn Corporation Credits

🕒 Duration for construction Space Port and its completion time

will depend on the number of operators and equipment to build this station


📡 🛰️ Space Port Ready

Buy Parts with Corporation Credits, build and install your line assembly and start producing special modules for spaceships (NFT modules)

Full 256-line assembly is split into 4 the Corporations, each Corporation have a 64-line assembly Lunch Space Port, 2nd phase of the game MMHe3 Metaverse

Phase 3 - 2024
Fighter Spaceship

🚀  Launch and presentation of the first Fighter Spaceship

The sale of Spaceship Bundles will be divided into 4 very limited sales phases (1 per quarter)

Phase 3 - 2025
Release 3rd Phase of MMHe3 Game

🎉 Release 3rd Phase of MMHe3 game

Rogue-like space strategy RTS

Fight PVE Spaceship v Spaceship

Managing the efficiency of all the modules on the ship

Phase 4 - 2026
Full Game MMHe3

😎 Release 4th Phase of MMHe3 Game (Full Metaverse MMHe3 Project)

Crew addition, recruitment, character development, management

Working on PVP





Jaroslaw Janicki

CEO/Project Manager

Tomasz Geza 

Support and Investor

Dawid Lidwa

Graphic Artist


Blockchain Back End Dev


Blockchain Front End Dev


Social Media Manager

Ryan Pedlar

Moon Ambassadors





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